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December 31st, 2007

06:34 pm - New Blog....
Yes- it has been well over a year since my last post here on livejournal.... I just kind of got out of the routine of it... but with the new year fast approaching I decided to start a new blog... this one over on blogger. I plan to actually write in it!

If you are interested- go to: http://luckykatliz.blogspot.com

I've got comments open to anyone- I think you can actually log on with your livejournal account- so I'd love to hear from you!

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September 19th, 2006

07:56 pm - This Saturday!!
Well it is almost that time again... for Craftin' Outlaws. Putting this all together this year has been a lot of work... so I am looking to have a lot of fun on Saturday. Don't miss it!

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August 27th, 2006

10:51 pm - Fashion Show Pics....
The fashion show was last night and it was pretty interesting. I didn't know what to expect from it, I just dropped off some clothing last week for it and showed up when it was supposed to start. It started a little late and it was super hot in there but there was a big turnout, the place was pretty crowded. There were some cute outfits there from other designers, there was an announcer but it was too bad they didn't have more promo for the designers so you knew who they were or how to check out their work later. I got up front to take pictures but because the girls were on skates and didn't really stop moving too much, most of the photos turned out pretty blurry.There were some so bad that I didn't even post them on here.... but click the cut to see some of 'em.
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August 24th, 2006

03:22 pm
Looking for something to do this Saturday in Columbus? Come watch Lucky Kat fashions make their way down the runway.

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August 11th, 2006

04:35 pm - Craftin' Outlaws...
Just a little Craftin' Outlaws update... the vendor list has been posted on the website. I am also getting the printing done this week (fliers/posters) and will start on getting those out around town in a few weeks.

I've still got a sale going on over at the Lucky Kat site on candles and ashtrays. 25% off!

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July 25th, 2006

07:55 pm - Auctions!
It's been quite awhile since I've listed anything on eBay besides the usual charm/jewelry inventory in the eBay Store.

Well, I decided it was about time to put some items up.... check 'em out!
Click below to go to the eBay store:

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July 11th, 2006

05:41 pm - HRW and more...
Well, I've been busy!
Planning for Craftin' Outlaws has been going well, I am really excited for this year. The vendor applications have been rolling in... it's fun to take a look at what so many creative people are doing. I've got some new things I am working on this year including swag bags filled with samples and promo items from the vendors and from small bizs all across the country for the first 100 people through the door. This is in part being organized by CraftPromo, who has been a great help. It will also include a coupon for money off at any vendor. I am hoping this will encourage more people to buy, buy, buy to support the vendors! I will also be putting together a pocket-sized program given to attendees that will contain ads for all the vendors as well as other crafty bizs that will serve as a kind of directory for attendees to contact or check out websites of later when they get home in case for example they forgot to pick up a business card if they were checking out a booth.

Anyone out there wanting to submit promo stuff for the swag bags or want an extremely affordable ad in the program...contact me at craftinoutlaws @ luckykat.net. It's an excellent way to reach those interested in buying diy/handmade stuff!

Two weekends ago I travelled to Winston Salem, NC to vend at Heavy Rebel Weekender. It was my fourth time attending and third time selling. Ron came with me and it was great to have company for the car ride! My brother also made the trip from South Carolina on that Saturday to come hang out. Shannon and Carter of Sugarkitty and the folks from Sourpuss Clothing next to me made this year a lot more fun than last. It's nice to be surrounded by friendly vendors, as sometimes at these types of the events the vendors get real catty and competitive. Inside the cut is more photos from the weekend:
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July 3rd, 2006

06:07 pm - Craftin' Outlaws...
I just finished updating the Craftin' Outlaws website with the vendor application. The deadline for all complete applications will be August 1.

Check out the website for more info: http://www.craftinoutlaws.com

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June 25th, 2006

06:22 pm
A couple of weeks ago I had a photo shoot for all of the new clothing I had been working on. My talented friend, zoetica was the photographer and the models did a great job. It is nice to not have to model my own designs anymore, although I did have some taken of me at the end. Here are a couple of them:

The clothing photos turned out fabulous and I just finished adding everything to the site. Click below to take a look!

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June 1st, 2006

11:08 pm - Craftin' Outlaws...
I just finished updating the Craftin' Outlaws website which is now located at http://www.craftinoutlaws.com

The date has been set for September 23- hopefully being a little earlier this year will lead to better weather! I know it is still far away from now and I've got a lot of work planning ahead, but I am already excited for this year's event.

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